How to put a STOP

to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Welcome to my website. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from OCD, you need to know that there are millions of people around the world suffering from this very disorder. I have first hand experience with OCD as I have lived with this often misunderstood anxiety disorder for over twenty five years. My OCD started when I was just six years old. During my late teens while I was at college, things started to get really tough.

When I plucked up some courage to see my doctor about the OCD, after asking a few questions the doctor simply said that it was nothing to worry about and that it would soon pass. Well it didn't! Not knowing what to do I went to see a few specialists in this field. Although these therapists tried, they couldn't cure my problem. I also tried alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, but unfortunately none of them helped.

That's when I started spending hours almost everyday trying to find a cure to my problem. After around ten years of research, I managed to cure my mind numbing disorder without any type of medicine or side effects.



There are too many labels, medicines and hospitals, without the deep understanding of root causes and teaching individuals how to find and correct what I call core beliefs, with repetition and positive reversals of negative feelings and ideas, imprinted upon us in childhood.

Great work. Thanks for sharing.

I do training in Switzerland on Powerlessness and Empowerment - "A Guided Journey" - this year, as every year, in Biel and Engleberg, Switzerland. Been doing it for 15 years.

Individuals who deeply understand, and care about others, do as you have done. Bless your heart.

Ginny Klein - Psychotherapist


What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? In OCD, sufferers experience repetitive, intrusive and unwelcome impulses and doubts which they find hard to ignore. Obsessions are the impulses people have which reoccur over and over again. Feeling excessively worried about the hands being dirty for example are obsessive feelings. In order to make the obsessive feelings go away the compulsions are performed. Excessively washing the hands are compulsions. Some common OCD's are touching, nail biting, excessive double-checking, counting, hand washing, cleaning, hoarding, praying and ordering/arranging.

Individuals with this disorder feel the urge to carry out specific actions such as hand washing, nail biting etc to release a build up of tension. The more an individual tries to stop carrying out the rituals the harder s/he would find it to stop and it worsens when the individual is under stress. Fortunately there is a cure for this disorder.

How do these feelings originate?

At times subconsciously we carry out certain tasks in order to make us feel comfortable in facing a certain situation. A bats man in a game of cricket may tap the cricket pitch with his bat a couple of times before facing the fast paced bowler. He consciously knows that tapping the cricket pitch with his bat isn't going to improve his batting but it simply makes him feel comfortable. The feeling of an OCD sufferer falls in the same category. The problem with OCD is that these feelings are negative feelings and the more we try to stop them the harder we find trying to stop, thus becoming a vicious circle.

Any situation that provokes anxiety people tend to have recurring thoughts. At times, especially when a person is feeling really emotional, these thoughts can become so strong that they start to effect undertaking simple tasks which then further increase the anxiety level. If these recurring thoughts continue for a length of time they could turn into a vicious cycle that a person finds difficult to break.


The key to stopping this disorder is to use a unique and effective technique to eliminate the vicious cycle of OCD.


Various types of relaxation methods can help to calm the nerves but does NOT cure anxiety disorders. This quick and effective technique goes right down to the root cause of the problem and simply puts a stop to it.

"The Root Cause" is a book that provides a step-by-step description of how to cure OCD. A person suffering from this disorder for a long period could also develop other anxieties such as; fear of rejection, fear of failure, panic attacks, social fear and depression. In this book a simple cure for these anxieties is explained.

Whether you are young or old, had OCD for a few weeks or several years, it makes no difference; using this simple but effective technique you can quickly eliminate the disorder without any side effects.

The last thing a sufferer of this anxiety disorder should do is forcefully try to stop the OCD as that would only fuel the anxiety, yet most sufferers do exactly that. Knowledge and understanding of OCD is a good starting point in the treatment of this often misunderstood disorder. Parents need to realise that their child has very little control over the OCD. If you focus too much on the OCD, it may get worse. In most cases, it's not helpful to encourage your child to try to stop the compulsions. Your child can hold back the OCD for a short while, but eventually they will come out. If I were to tell you to use your will power to not think of a red apple, you would find that quite difficult! It's the same with this type of anxiety disorder.


You are NOT mentally ill !!

You are NOT physically ill !!


You need to realise that OCD is not a mental problem; it is simply a behavioural problem that can be easily cured. When the root cause is dealt with, the urge to carry out the OCD rituals simply fade away.

Medicine may seem to minimise the OCD rituals for a while but does not remove the root cause of the problem. Not to mention the side effects caused by these medicines!

If you have a child that has this disorder, then for you this book is a must read. Once you know how to deal with this disorder, your child wouldn't have to deal with this embarrassing problem during the most precious years of his/her life. If you are the one that has this disorder and had it for a while then you will be aware of the effect it is having on your working life and personal life. Regardless of the sufferer's age this disorder can be easily stopped.

In an easy to understand way "The Root Cause" gives a detailed explanation of how we get OCD. Most importantly, it explains how to use a unique and effective technique to eliminate the vicious cycle of OCD.



For a limited period, with "The Root Cause" you will receive another book "A personal journey" for no added cost . This book describes how OCD entered my life during childhood, how I dealt with it for over twenty five years and also details the number of therapies that I went through over the years. Finally it describes how I came about finding the cure and how much easier life became without having to deal with the disorder that I had most of my life.

"The Root Cause" along with the free bonus, "A personal journey" can be instantly downloaded on to your computer as e-books for only $13.95 USD. The process of downloading is very simply, but if you have any problems we will help you straight away. If you feel that these books haven't helped you then simply ask for your money back within 30 days and you are guaranteed a full refund.


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overcome other anxieties that often accompany OCD such as; fear of rejection,hfear hhofbfailure, panic attacks, social fear and depression.

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Take control of your emotions.


After a few long and grueling searches I finally came across this book, The Root Cause. This e book has been a blessing to me and my family. It helped me cure and understand the OCD of my son. He is much happier and gets to do things he loves much more often.






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